Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day another montage

I dug up some more oldies on this one, but they are mainly new-ies. Youtube cut the copyrights off early. I hate when it does that. The screen's not even that short and it's still hacked off.
One armed Reala, Rocky and Bullwinkle parody, and Rotoscoped dancer are unfinished recent (within the past 365 days).
Jump Rope Blossoms are animated gifs from 2003
NiGHTS pencil animation from 2007
Knuckles Knuckleduster run from 2007
Everything else is a finished exercise that has been posted

I found my old Mugatu fan art and now I wanna animate a quick moment from "Zoolander"

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  1. Man, your animation montages are always fun to watch!