Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day another montage

I dug up some more oldies on this one, but they are mainly new-ies. Youtube cut the copyrights off early. I hate when it does that. The screen's not even that short and it's still hacked off.
One armed Reala, Rocky and Bullwinkle parody, and Rotoscoped dancer are unfinished recent (within the past 365 days).
Jump Rope Blossoms are animated gifs from 2003
NiGHTS pencil animation from 2007
Knuckles Knuckleduster run from 2007
Everything else is a finished exercise that has been posted

I found my old Mugatu fan art and now I wanna animate a quick moment from "Zoolander"

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Friday and Saturday


I'm animating more often than I used to. I get anxious to work on more exercises but I have trouble thinking things up.

Here, the character's poses are based on Rayden's from MK1, but he's so in his own style you couldn't tell anyway. The whole set up is meant to look like the Test Your Might segments in between fights. It's a little stiff over all, but considering what I had to work with, that's no surprise. There's actually no reason I needed to mimic Rayden's keys for this. I probably could've done it better on my own, but I initially had intentions of animating Rayden. Unfortunately, I wasn't used to drawing him in an altered style, so I decided to use one of my own characters because he'd be easier to draw and pose. Plus, I've been wanting to animate this little fella. I did the background in photoshop to make it look a little more like a tv cartoon and less like a flash cartoon. It's originally 15fps, but was sped up to 20 since it was so slow paced.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Portrait commissions

I don't know this woman, but I was asked to draw her in in a clergy outfit.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mario Hand Animation Challenge

I knew my initial drawings weren't consistent to begin with. How could they be, they were sketched side by side. In flash I was able to resize and adjust things to the point where it wasn't as obvious an issue. However, now that I've gone back to the initial sketches, I run into the same problem but with no do-overs because I was too anxious to start and too lazy fix my keys. Other than that it looks all right considering I've never animated by hand at 24fps, the hand drawn animation I did was straight on, AND I haven't done hand drawn in years. At first I couldn't draw by hand with keys and tweens, and now I don't know how I managed to do otherwise. I don't know why I thought hand drawing an animation would be so impossible a task. It is more work, but it actually doesn't take as long as I thought. Now clean up and coloring? Forget about it.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kirby's Amazing Disappearing Feet

Here's the latest in random flash animation. Aside from Kirby's botched feet logic (how it pops in front and behind him) and the fact that this comes from a game and not from my head, it turned out okay. I didn't time it perfectly, and the original dance in-game doesn't sync up exactly to the music, so it plays back and 28 fps instead of 24, 87 frames total, I believe. I timed 88, so where'd that last frame go? I also forgot to make him blink.

I started trying to animate Mario without motion tweening like Rusty suggested. It's tough and a very slow process. I've been doing it with the pen tool, making it the most difficult to draw. I've been using the pen tool more lately for a clean looking, consistent line, but flash vectors are a pain to deal with. I thought about doing it all by hand, but then I have to go through the process of printing each key and hoping that the onion skin effect works well enough with my paper and the light table. Plus, when I work by hand I lose consistency. When I work by flash, I can fix it. The tablet still feels awkward and I feel out of my comfort zone using it, so I generally don't. What to do...